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Have you met someone that made you uncomfortably curious about who they were and then you find yourself comparing yourself to him/her?

Some cover up insecurity by saying ‘It’s just something about them but I can’t put my finger on it,” while secretly comparing themselves to the very person they feel some kind of way about.

Here are some quick ever-lasting steps to stop being insecure around new crowds and people while networking or in business:

    If someone has not done anything to you then you should not have any reason to feel good or bad about him/her so we must get to the root! Could it be that you do not have as many accolades as them? Or when this person asks you about your goals or accomplishments it puts a spotlight on what you know you haven’t done, and it makes you feel less than? Then again, you may very well be versed in the subject but don’t sure how to convey what you know to others, a true introvert if you will. Maybe it is just purely you are not as well versed as the people you are networking with so due to your lack of knowledge, insight, or addition to the conversation then you start to avoid that person(s) altogether.
    There are many roots but search and define according to your own truth.
    Now that we know there is a root let’s kill it! Time to up your game!
    If you see the root is not being as polished in speech or well-versed then go watch Free YouTube videos on the do’s and don’t’s on the subject! You could also Google it – In the famous words of Andy Mineo, “Don’t be dumb on your smartphone.” If you see your root is not having as many accomplishments as him or her then go take a free webinar or take a Udemy class and receive certified credit for your time and effort. Maybe you need someone to talk it out with; If so, ask someone that is trustworthy to help you to talk it out or play devil’s advocate at this moment to help you take action against this root.
    The very first action to kill insecurity in any area of your life is to research and list out the solution to no longer be insecure.
    Once the root is gone you have to fill the empty space with something. That something is to be the truth. The truth that you found when you took action and became more polished in that Udemy class you completed. The truth that you discovered when you Googled or Pinterest’d that subject. When you feel insecure again just remember the facts. Remember the truth!

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