CoachingSeptember 9, 2021

Overcome Insecurity

Have you ever met someone who piqued your interest in who they were and then found yourself comparing yourself to them?

Some people hide their insecurities by stating things like “It’s just something about them,” while inwardly comparing themselves to the person they have ill feelings towards.

Here are some quick ever-lasting steps to stop being insecure around new crowds and people while networking or in business:

If someone has not done anything to you, you should have no reason to feel good or bad about him/her, so let’s get to the bottom of this!
Could it be that you don’t have as many awards as they do? Do you feel less than when this person asks you about things you know you haven’t done?
Perhaps you are simply inexperienced in networking, and as a result, you avoid that person s). Perhaps you are an expert on the subject, but as an introvert, you find it difficult to share your knowledge with others. There are numerous roots, but you must seek out and acknowledge your own truth.

Let’s kill the root now that we know it exists! It’s time to step up your game!
If you notice that the root cause is a lack of polish in speech or knowledge, go watch free YouTube videos on the subject’s do’s and don’t’s!

“Andy Mineo famously said, “don’t be dumb on your smartphone.”

Take a free webinar or an Udemy class to get certified credit for your time and work if your root is not having as many accomplishments as others. Perhaps you need someone to talk it out with; if so, seek someone you can trust to assist you to talk it out or to play devil’s advocate for you right now so you can take action against this root.

The first step in eliminating insecurity in any area of your life is to conduct research and make a list of possible solutions.

Once the root has been removed, you must fill the void with something – the TRUTH!
The truth you discovered when you took action and improved your skills in that Udemy program you took. When you Googled or Pinterested that topic, you uncovered the truth. Remember the facts the next time you feel insecure.

Remember the truth!

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